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Star Wars

If you're looking for a night out this summer with a few laughs and some unrealistic adventure Star Wars is for you.

Back-to-basics is the production theme used by director-writer, George Lucas.  No blood, no violence, just pure entertainment.  Using a theme reminiscent of old Flash Gordon flicks, Lucas has produced the hit of the season.

The story is simple.  Princess Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, (daughter of Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher) a young reform Senator from the planet Alderaan, is captured by the evil Grand Moff Tarkin along with his black robed sinister pal, Darth Vader.

Luke Skywalker, a young space farmer, aided by Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi, a mystic, played by Alec Guiness, two robots, a renegade space pilot, Han Solo and a giant furry Wookie set out to save the princess.  Clearly good against evil.

Their adventures take them from a space outpost filled with strange, alien-space riff-raff all drinking at a bar that prohibits sales to the Laurel-Hardy comic robot team of C-3PO, tall and slim, and Artoo-Detoo (R2-D2) short and stubby.  C-3PO at one point downed from an attack blames R2-D2 by saying, "I think I'm melting and it's your fault".  All this on their way to the giant threatening spherical space station of the villains where the princess is held.

A prolonged battle of space fighters, which gives a sense of realism and involvement through exceptional special effects and animation, climaxes the final search and rescue.  Victory comes but not before Darth Vader escapes probably to a sequel to this highly successful film.

Excellent visual effects, good story line, and acceptable performances makes Star Wars tops on the film parade this summer.

Star Wars


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