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Replacement Killers

There isn't even a thread of a story to hold together numerous explosions, shootings and chase scenes which fill this drab adventure.

After 70 films in Hong Kong, Chow yun-Fat placed himself in the hands of music video director Antoine Fuqua.  Not a good move.  Fuqua treats the film as a series of simple-minded segments - noisy, fast, filled with destroyed property, dead bodies and gun shots.

The biggest loser is Academy Award winning actress Mira Sorvino, who performs fine but has little to do but run and shoot.

John Lee (Yun-Fat) plays a professional assassin with a conscience (he does it to protect his family from a powerful underworld figure, Mr. Wei).  When Lee refuses to kill a child, he becomes the hunted.  Meg Coburn (Sorvino) is pulled into his world of violence when he comes to her for forged documents.  The two attractive young actors spend the remainder of the film on the run.

Replacement Killers doesn't get the job done.

It is rated R for violence.

Replacement Killers


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