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xXx: State of the Union

Ice Cube and Samuel L. Jackson

Rated: PG
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: April 29, 2005 Released by: Columbia TriStar

This sequel to 2002's xXx is action-packed, and although far-fetched, is great fun from beginning to end.

Ice Cube takes over from Vin Diesel as the star and plays Darius Stone, a Navy Seal trained Special Ops Agent. Initially he's in a military prison for insubordination he breaks out with the help of his former Commander, Gibbons (Samuel L. Jackson) in order to stop a plot against the government.

A National Security Agency facility is attacked and Gibbons sends Stone and his high-tech nerd sidekick in to find out what terrorist group was responsible.

The break in makes Stone a target of both the NSA and the terrorist group. But, never fear, this guy has more fire power and heavy duty vehicles to deliver it than most small countries.

Stone has the good fortune of having friends from his old neighborhood who run chop shops that take pricey autos and turn them into super muscle cars. He ends up having at his disposal a modified 1966 custom GTO, a tank and a Cobra to name a few.

Stone and his posse take up arms that they confiscate from a Homeland Security delivery truck then, driving every manner of transportation they can commandeer, head to the Capitol building to save the free world.

Jackson takes a back seat to Ice Cube who glowers through most of the film, but his bad attitude seems to fit the focused action character to a T.

It's a super fast ride from the beginning prison break to the wild train chase ending. The climax leaves open the possibility of another sequel, and if it's as much fun as this one - count me in.

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xXx: State of the Union C+ B B C C     C+

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