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The Wedding Singer

Once in a while there are pleasant surprises at the movies.  The Wedding Singer is one.

Studios usually place the best selling points of a film in the previews.  For The Wedding Singer, the weakest parts of the film are presented in the previews and the best segments kept for those who see the film.

Adam Sandler is Robbie Hart, "The Wedding Singer" and Drew Barrymore is the sweet, sometimes too sweet, waitress who is about to marry the worst possible character.  As she becomes engaged, Robbie is jilted on his wedding day.

The obvious plot aims the two toward each other.  Barriers from her fiance and her friends Holly (Christine Taylor) and Linda (Angela Featherstone), and Robbie's own depression stand in the way of the two getting together.

The comedy at the beginning and in the last scenes make a somewhat dull middle palatable.  The characters who surround the two potential lovers spark the comedy and provide the muted message that true love is worth waiting for and that it lasts.

The Wedding Singer


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