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We're the Millers

We're the Millers
Jason Sudeikis, Ed Helms, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter and Jennifer Aniston

Rated: PG-13 for crude sexual content, pervasive language, drug material and brief graphic nudity.
Reviewed by: Chris  
Release date: August 7, 2013 Released by: New Line Cinema

Jason Sudeikis, Saturday Night Live alum, stars in this raunchy comedy directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber (Dodgeball).
He plays David Clark, a smart aleck pot dealer who gets in trouble with his supplier (Ed Helms) to the tune of $43,000.00.   To pay him back, Clark has to smuggle a large amount of product over the Mexican border.
Thinking that a guy traveling alone would get more scrutiny, he hires a motley crew to act as his pretend family - The Millers.  He gathers Rose, his stripper neighbor (Jennifer Aniston), Casey, a troubled runaway teen (Emma Roberts) and Kenny, a nice kid eager to please (played by wide-eyed Will Poulter) into a rented RV and off they go.
Its hard to warm up to Sudeikis, or really care much about his character.   Aniston, on the other hand appears uncomfortable most of the time, and who would blame her.   Her character is forced to striptease in front of a Mexican drug lord and talk dirty throughout.   Only Poulter comes out o.k., he's the kind of interesting kid that you want to know more about.
It wouldn't be Summer without a couple of "R"-rated comedies on the roster, and this one fits the bill.   The film goes from one crude prank after another, it seems that whenever they weren't sure where  to go with the script, they reverted to sexually explicit adolescent humor, with no real laughs.

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We're the Millers  D   D   D   C+            B      C- 

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