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Clint Eastwood produces, directs, and stars in this slow-moving, deliberate western.  He plays Will Munny, a reformed gunslinger who lives with his two children on a farm that's plagued with diseased hogs.

Munny hears of a group of prostitutes offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who kills two cowboys who cut up one of their girls.  In need of the money to feed his kids, he picks up his gun again.

Munny hooks up with an old friend (Morgan Freeman) and a young gun-for-hire (Jaimz Wovett) who's excitied by the prospect of adding another notch to his six-shooter.

Gene Hackman plays "Little" Bill Daggett, a sadistic sheriff who, in order to keep peace in his small town, savagely beats anyone who comes looking for the reward.

One of the men to come in search of the money is English Bob (Richard Harris).  He arrives by train with his own biographer (Saul Rubinek), who's eager to chronicle another killing.

Set in Wyoming, the views are spectacular.  However, like many of Eastwood's films, once the action moves inside, the lighting is often dark and murkey.

The acting is great all around, with Eastwood and Wolvett standing out.  Especially good was Hackman as the jovial sheriff who, in the midst of serene horizons, suddenly turns brutally violent.

Unforgiven is a very good film that breaks down the myth of the old west.  Looking tired and beaten, Eastwood shows the brutality of the western hero; that the glamour and courage of the gunslinger was often just false drunken bravado, and that they were, after all, just murderers for profit.

Rated R for language and graphic violence.


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