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Tomcats Tomcats

Women complain that too many American men fail to grow up; Tomcats sets out to prove they are sadly right.  Michael (Jerry O'Connell) and Kyle (Jake Busey) are the leaders of a group of seven thirty somethings who work at keeping their adolescence alive.  The Christian right has more respect for Bill Clinton than these guys have for women.  Their outrageous hijinks humiliate the audience as well as the women who move through their lives.

Michael, a sucker for redheads, agrees to continue to shoot the dice on a long shot when a redhead (Amber Smith) rubs the dice on her breast for luck and falls $51,000 in debt to a Vegas casino owner played stoically by Politically Incorrect's Bill Maher.  Looking for a way out Michael remembers a bet made at the first wedding from the group: the last to marry will receive a fund that has risen to a half million dollars from investments made in the nineties.  To get the prize Michael must get the only other remaining bachelor, Kyle, married.  Busey's Kyle sports his inherited teeth and selfish attitude toward women and we are supposed to believe scores of women flock to his bed including Natalie (Shannon Elizabeth) whom he left by the highway years before with nothing but a role of quarters.  She is the only woman Kyle speaks of with regret.  She is now a cop working undercover as a hooker and arrests Michael when he bumbles his proposal to have her marry and have kids with Kyle.

The women get no respect: Tricia (Jamie Pressly) is married to Steve (Horation Sanz) a proctologist, but she spends her intimate time with her maid.  A quiet librarian ties up Michael to her bed and brands his butt with a scarlet letter while her elderly grandmother watches.  Each woman is ready to climb into bed with these not too attractive, marginal intellect, limited guys.

As we continue down the road of vulgarity we see consumption of body parts that make Hannibal's stir fried brains modest cuisine and watch young actors capitulate to insulting lines and parts which they may regret in the future.

In the final frame which runs at the end of the credits director Greg Poirier gives the best laugh in Tomcats; to little too late.


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