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There's Something About Mary

With the exception of a few scenes and language that may be offensive, I haven't laughed this much at a film in years.

Cameron Diaz is a perfect 17 year old.  She is glamorous as a teen with a simple openness which carries over into her 30s.  The men around her are as equally misfit as she is perfect.  Ben Stiller is the loser, Ted, who has been in love with Mary since his senior prom 13 years before.  Matt Dillon is a delightfully clumsy, obnoxious, low class detective who can't resist Mary.  Chris Elliot and Lee Evans also can't resist Mary's charms.  She is luscious, kind, gentle, open, happy and filled with confidence.

Stiller's Ted hires Pat Healy (Dillon) to find Mary.  In Miami, Healy is mesmerized by watching Mary through field glasses as she dresses.  Healy discourages Ted from contacting her, but Ted decides to travel to Miami to find his lost love.

Peter and Bobby Farrelly (Dumb and Dumber) use every possible situation for outrageous comedy, beginning with Ted catching himself with his zipper the night of his senior prom while he is in Mary's bathroom.  The room becomes crowded with her parents, a policeman, a fireman and eventually paramedics.

The swirl around Mary is hilarious.  She brings out the best and worst in all men including her elderly neighbor.  Leave your sensitivities home and go for the laughs.  Mary is worth a look.

It is rated R for obscenities and brief nudity.

There's Something About Mary

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