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Stir of Echos

In a very good working class neighborhood ghosts appear for a reason.

When Tom Witzky  (Kevin Bacon) is hypnotized for fun at a party by his neighbor (Illeana Douglas), he is drawn into another dimension, one which his son has interacted with for a long time.  His life is changed and his world becomes a living room sofa and the space six feet around it.  From that space, he is catapulted into a movie theater floating into the screen as characters in a 3D movie float out.  His world is filled with infra-red negatives that lead him to compulsive acts driven by a ghost.

The story has two distinct worlds, one filled with images that are not real but reflect reality and the facts which arise due to the hypnotic images which compel Witzky to act. The echoes wander through various scenes dripping information to Witzky and to us.  We see a child and his father fall under the influence of supernatural forces.  The mother is excluded from their commitments and communications and can not understand or accept where Tom Witzky is compelled to go.  It all leads to scenes of madness compelled by the mental anguish that he is filled with.

We also see the ghost visit the living room, and images of unfinished rooms filled with plastic, lost glasses, feathers, hand guns, Edgar Allen Poe ideas, suicide and blood.  We are drawn toward the questions and search for answers.  What is in the hand that forces the climax?  What is the ghost seeking, why does she shut off the light, is she in limbo unable to rest in peace?   Is this, as Witzky believes, the most important occurrence in his ordinary life.

Bacon is intense as the confused but determined lineman and what begins as a party game ends in resolution with all the images and ideas flashed across the screen fitting smoothly into the plot.

Stir of Echos


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