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Star Trek 4 - The Undiscovered Country

Star Trek 4 - The Undiscovered Country
Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Plummer, Michael Dorn, Mark Lenard, David Warner and Kim Cattrall

Rated: PG 
Reviewed by: Frank and Chris  
Release date: December 6, 1991

All the original stars from 25 years ago are reunited in a story by Leonard Nimoy, Lawrence Konner and Mark Rosenthal. Also in the cast are Christopher Plummer as Klingon General Chang, Michael Dorn as Klingon Defense Attorney Worf, grandfather of Worf in"The Next Generation, Mark Lenard as Ambassador Sarek, David Warner as Chancellor Gorkon, and Kim Cattrall as Vulcan Lieutenant Valeris.

Leonard Nimoy was approached in the spring of 1990 by Paramount and asked to develop a new Star Trek film that would offer a resolution for Star Trek's first 25 years. Nimoy's reflection on world events, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism, developed parallel ideas based on the Klingons and their challenge to the Federation. The film's climatic scenes take place at camp Khitomer where the first peace overture from the Klingon empire is presented. Khitomer is regularly referred to in The Next Generation. According to spokespeople at the Star Trek. The Next Generation will continue on television for two to three more seasons and then it will appear on the motion picture screen as the third generation begins on T.V.

In this episode Kirk is given the task of bringing Chancellor Gorkon, a Klingon who seeks peace with the Federation, to Khitomer where a conference will take place which could bring the Klingons into the Federation. The Klingon Empire has a limited life span remaining after the moon on which its greatest power source explodes sending ripples of shock waves throughout deep space. Kirk is chosen to protect Chancellor Gorkon, despite the fact that he and many of his colleagues believe peace (The Undiscovered Country) is a frightening prospect because of the possibility of limiting the ability of the Federation to continue as a strong military force in the universe. Certain Klingons also are opposed to the treaty.

Kirk and Bones become victims of a plot by right wing military both Klingon and Human to destroy the atmosphere for the conference. They are blamed for the attack and assassination of Chancellor Gorkon. Of course they escape and attempt to discover the Federation and Klingon plotters and prevent further assassinations at Khitomer.

This Star Trek works on all levels; there is suspense both in the mystery of who is the traitor on the Enterprise and the mission to save the peace conference. Laced throughout the production are comical lines which relate to the series and to present day life. In the end there is a clear sense that the 25 year journey is over.

The question for The Undiscovered Country was whether it could compare with the better Star Trek films or become a dull end to the very successful series. The creator, Gene Roddenberry, would have been pleased and so will you. This Star Trek is worth taking.

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Star Trek 4 - The Undiscovered Country  A   A                     A 

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