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The Spy Who Loved Me

James Bond first came on to the movie scene back in 1962.  Over the past fifteen years ten films with the super spy have been produced.  The Spy Who Loved Me offers more of the same with some with new characters and a slight change in the role of women.

Barbara Bach (Major Anya Amasova) teams with Bond to search for two missing nuclear submarines one British, one Russian.  Bach, unlike most of Bond's women, is quite competent; in one instance, she saves Bond from disaster and in another she outsmarts him with a sedative from her cigarette.  But, true to form, Bond saves her and loves her in the final scene, as the title suggests.

Roger Moore (Bond) and Bach (who is also referred to as Triple X) travel the Mediterranean in search of the missing submarines spending most of their time among the pyramids and other ruins of Egypt.  But, the real stars are, as usual, the sets and the gadgets.  "Q" played by Desmond Llewelyn continues as the inventor, supplying Bond with a new super car which sprays mud on enemy vehicles and becomes a submarine armed with a water to air missile system for Bond to use when escaping the impending danger of Stromberg's (Curt Jurgens) annihilation crew.

Stromberg is determined to destroy present civilization and remake it in his own image; Bond and Agent Triple X must stop him.  They are captured in a third submarine, but Bond escapes, frees the three submarine crews, Russian, British and American, who battle the orange clad enemy destroying the submarine hideout (a giant oil tanker) and save the world.

Agent Triple X remains captured by Stromberg and Bond must battle Jaws (Richard Kiel) a 327 pound, seven-foot-two villain who sports steel teeth.  His teeth were gold in the Silver Streak earlier this year.  007 hasn't changed much since 1962 and with his winning formula he will go on for another battle with Jaws who out chews a shark to escape at film's end.

Bond films are no great cinematic art; they are, however, a great diversion from reality.

The Spy Who Loved Me

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