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Say It Isn't So

Say It Isn't So

The smash hit, There's Something About Mary clearly inspired Say It Isn't So.  Heather Graham is the light weight Jo and Chris Klein's Gilly her clumsy suitor who has unusual barriers thrown in his way to romance.  While There's Something About Mary played with sexual themes not seen very often before, its script demanded laughter.  Say It Isn't So in some ways reaches further into past taboo subjects but with little humor and a great deal of embarrassment.

Screen writers Peter Gaulke and Gerry Swallow convinced the Farrelly brothers to produce Say It Isn't So; their answer should have been no.  Reaching for the edge requires a special touch, a delicate balance which forces us to laugh even when feeling guilty doing so; this script slams us with crudity but offers no reward.

The gentle Gilly is committed to his animal shelter in rural Indiana while his private detective searches for his birth mother.  Lead by his obnoxious pals he agrees to have his hair cut by Jo who is new at hair cutting but beautiful to look at.  She is attractive, but so clumsy that she pokes a hole in his cheek, cuts off part of his ear and leaves a clump of hair on the top of his head which looks quite like Cameron Diaz's hair which was styled with an unusual adhesive in Mary.

The two fall in love and plan their life until Gilly's detective determines Valdine Wingfield (Sally Field) is his mother.  She is also Jo's mother.  There the silliness begins and everyone considers Gilly a sexual deviant because he has been intimate with his sister. Jo heads for Beaver, Oregon to marry a womanizing, sleazy man.  Over time we learn the truth, he is not her brother and we are surprised at the end over his unknowing relationship with his true mother.

Poor Sally Field falls from her heights in the sky into the role of a foul mouth mother from hell.  Richard Jenkins as Walter, her husband, spends the film being laughed at for his handicap.  Orlando Jones' Dig McCaffey regularly loses his two prosthesis legs in what is presented as comedy.  In one of the few jokes that works, he flies a plane called the Big Dig, into disasters for Gilly.  The Big Dig is known as the massive most expensive public works project in history which will place interstate highways in Boston under the city.

Being on the edge just is not enough - it must be funny, Say It Isn't So isn't.

Say It Isn't So

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