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Rush Hour

Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker pair up in a very funny, entertaining film.

The Chinese Consul's young daughter is kidnaped in Los Angeles and he summons an old friend (Chan) from Hong Kong to help find her but the FBI doesn't want any interference on their big case.  They get an L.A.P.D. cop (Tucker) to keep Chan out of their way.

Tucker is a real cut-up and his captain is only too happy to get him out of his hair by having him babysit Chan.

Of course, the dynamic duo decide to investigate on their own.  Tucker is a comedy of errors, talking himself into every scrape and messing up ever potential lead.  His partner has to fight his way out of every situation that they fumble into, which gives him a chance to showcase his unbelievable karate talent.  That Chan does all of his own stunt work makes it all the more incredible.

Tucker uses every part of his body as a comedian, just as Chan uses his in the gymnastic fight scenes.  Together, they provide kinetic, funny, non-stop action.

Rush Hour gives a boost to the buddy/cop genre, it has a pretty good story, two amusing, charismatic actors and all-out thrilling action.

It is rated PG-13 for language and violence.

Rush Hour


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