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The Prince of Egypt

The story of Moses and Rameses hasn't changed since Charlton Heston and The Ten Commandments in 1956.  What is different in this production is the capability of animation which can be used to create an imaginary world which can be closer to reality than what remains of the Pharaohs.

Featured voices are: Val Kilmer as Moses, Ralph Fiennes as Rameses, Sandra Bullock as Miriam, Danny Glover as Jethro, Jeff Goldblum as Aaron, Steve Martin as Hotep, Helen Mirren as the Queen, Michelle Pfeiffer as Tzipporah, Martin Short as Huy, and Patrick Stewart as Pharaoh Seti.

Brenda Chapman, the first woman director of an animated feature leads her team into a strange exotic world which has constantly been recreated in films.  Next summer it will be The Mummy. The story of Moses may appear to be old hat and limit the success of The Prince of Egypt, however this production creates a vast new land which can only exist through animation or in ones imagination.  The settings appear real and surreal at the same time.  Looking down on the valley, into the Red Sea or a slave work site, personalities are clearly etched in faces.  The backgrounds which are presented in three and four levels are creative impressions of gold in the desert and the hunched oppression of the slaves.  Chariot horses present an image of power and pride.  Moses and Rameses race through the construction sites, ignoring the danger and destruction they cause; they, after all, are teenagers from a powerful family testing their new vehicles.

Imagination, music, and creativity make this a powerful film to watch.

The Prince of Egypt
A Top Ten pick for 1998

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