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Poison Ivy

Sara Gilbert tells the story of Ivy (Drew Barrymore), a teen friend who comes to live with Gilbert's family. The plot is trite and over used.  Tom Skerritt plays the father who is drawn to the young blond who lives in his house.  Cheryl Ladd plays the mother who is constantly under the influence of pills and drugs.

Barrymore is supposed to be so sexy Skerritt can't stay away.  In reality, Ladd, who plays his wife, on her worst day looks far more attractive and sexy than Barrymore.  The only nudity in the film is Tom Skerritt's behind; perhaps he is attempting to challenge Michael Douglas for best rear view of 1992.

Remember what your mother told you - stay away from Poison Ivy.

It is rated R for sexual content.

Poison Ivy

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