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The Parent Trap

Adults and children alike will thoroughly enjoy this remake of the 1961 film starring Hayley Mills.  The young and talented Lindsay Lohan fills Mills' shoes (all four) supremely well in her portrayal of the twins - Brit Annie and Californian Hallie.  The two - separated and unaware of the other's existence - meet by chance at a Maine summer camp and quickly set out to get their parents reacquainted.

Not only is this a fun fantasy adventure, it also pulls at the heart strings.  Natasha Richardson and Dennis Quaid fill the roles of the girls' divorced parents wonderfully, with both softness and great comic flair.  Writer/director Nancy Meyers and her partner, writer/producer Charles Shyer, attribute the casting of Quaid to "serendipity."  A few days after putting the finishing touches on the script, Meyers and Shyer met Quaid at the wedding of a mutual friend and Meyers knew immediately that she had found her "Nick."  "The role of Nick Parker actually fits him like a glove," adds Shyer.  "...(it) shows a side of Dennis that hasn't really been explored before."

The role of Elizabeth James was filled almost as easily.  Natasha Richardson was the first actress to audition for the role and captured the attention of the filmmakers from the start.  "Natasha has tremendous elegance and a kind of charisma that you don't see very often anymore," says Meyers.  "...there's a real softness to her as a person which is perfect for her character in this film."

Lohan was selected from over 2,000 girls, and went through three call backs in New York and a screen test in Los Angeles with Quaid and Richardson before being offered the role.

The Parent Trap


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