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Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

Sherman Klump (Eddie Murphy) is a wonderful, pleasant, sympathetic character.  Watching him deal with his weight, girlfriend and new youth serum is quite entertaining.  The difficulty in Nutty Professor II is the other Klumps and his alter ego Buddy Love.

Eddie Murphy plays all the Klumps except Ernie Klump, Jr. (played by young Jamal Mixon) who receives very little screen time.  Murphy's ability to become different characters is of course enhanced by the spectacular make up, but his skill allows us to believe there are seven different adult Klumps in the story and on the screen.  On the other hand, Janet Jackson as Denise can't compare with Jada Pinket Smith as the love of Sherman's life.

What we miss here is the innocent Sherman's predicaments, rather we are exposed to a series of embarrassing situations and language revolving around sexual activities and inadequacies of the family members.  Mama is not receiving enough attention from Papa, who has less energy than in the past.  Granny is the horniest of all; she forces Buddy Love to perform for her.

As we are reintroduced to the family at a dinner table the characters appear to be heading toward a gentle journey which should be agreeable and comical to watch.  Sadly that scene and the dog imitations by a flawed reanimated Buddy Love are the only opportunities for engaging comedy.

In this adventure, Sherman has invented a youth potion which works for lab animals.  We also see his father use it to get himself back to his old dancing and loving condition.  Buddy Love wants the formula because a large drug company is willing to pay 150 million dollars for the rights to produce the miracle liquid.  Larry Miller's Dean Richmond remains his bumbling obnoxious self; happy with Sherman's successes but willing to cut him loose at the first sign of a problem.  The dean pays the price when he is sexually attacked by a giant gerbil.

Like many science fiction plots, Sherman finds that without Buddy Love's genetic contributions in his body he loses his ability to think and is on his way to senility.  The battle he must fight is for the reabsorption of Buddy's DNA, leaving Sherman complete and available to marry Denise.

A little bit of the Klump family as seasoning works, but too much spoils the formula and we don't get enough of the Nutty Professor who makes it all work.

Nutty Professor II: The Klumps

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