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The Mummy

If you're in the mood for an old fashioned, action-packed good time, The Mummy is for you.

Although cliche ridden, it has a wonderful hero, a brainy, spunky heroine and plenty of scary fun.

Brendan Fraser is fast becoming my favorite young actor.  He takes chances with his work (George Of The Jungle to Gods and Monsters) and doesn't mind poking fun at his own matinee idol good looks.

His character is a soldier in 1920's Egypt.  He discovers a map and key to hidden treasurer buried in the tomb of evil high priest Imhotep.

He pairs up with a pretty librarian working in an antiquities museum (played by Rachel Weisz) and her troublesome brother, to find the gold.

Of course, the desert catacomb turns out to be a veritable mob scene, with a bunch of American cowboys and Arab adventurers looking for their own share of the riches.

Along with the rats, flesh eating beetles and the like, things really heat up when the mummy is brought back to life.  Not quite fully decomposed, Imhotep has to kill humans to replenish his earthly form.  The special effects and make up are pretty realistic and grisly, so this film might not be for kids under age of 12 or 13.

Filled with curses, plagues and narrow escapes by a couple of charming stars, The Mummy is great fun.

The Mummy


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