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Meet the Parents Meet the Parents

Ben Stiller's Greg Focker is at least as hilarious as Lucille Ball in her "I Love Lucy" classic TV series.

Focker is spending his first weekend with girlfriend Pam (Teri Polo) at her parents home to celebrate her sister's wedding.  Focker is committed to asking Pam's father (Robert DeNiro) for permission to marry the love of his life.  Everything goes wrong.

What appears to be a picture perfect home is lead by a father who, introduced as a horticulturist,   spent his career in the CIA.  The tension he creates causes Focker to fumble at every turn and his attempt to make a good impression is wrecked.

Up against a nasty beloved cat he is lead up to the roof where his smoking causes a fire that destroys the wedding garden and chases the cat away from home.  Using the toilet creates a crisis with a septic tank that overflows onto the lawn set aside for the wedding ceremony.  Focker's name causes ridicule when mother (Blythe Danner) asks how to pronounce it, as does his occupation as a nurse; his future brother in law is a doctor.  Even the Peter Paul and Mary song "Puff The Magic Dragon" causes problems when Focker points out that it could refer to puffing drugs.  Making things worst Focker finds a secret room which results in good old Dad giving him a lie detector test.

The troubles start at the beginning when his luggage is lost on the trip from New York to Chicago, the two carat engagement diamond is in the missing suit case and, as he registers his missing luggage, we see a baby spit up on his only clothing, leaving him smelling for his first encounter with Pam's family.  When the wrong luggage is returned, Pam's father finds a whip and a blow up sex mannequin  among the belongings.  Dad also has secret cameras all over the house recording the guests every movement.

The crushing blow for Focker comes when he accidentally creates a situation in which the ashes of Pam's grandmother become cat litter.  Resolving the dilemma is a little sweet but the comedy is over powering and we leave the theater knowing Ben Stiller is one of our finest comics.

Meet the Parents

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