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If I Stay

If I Stay
Chloe Grace Moretz, Mireille Enos, Jamie Blackley, and Stacy Keach

Rated: PG-13 for thematic elements and some sexual material.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: August 22, 2014 Released by: Warner Brothers

Chloe Grace Moretz as Mia Hall has a strong family relationship, the dialogue coming from mom and dad and her little brother sounds like the very effective scripts from the TV Gilmore Girls.  

Moretz has a delightful presence on screen here face lights each scene she appears in even when her character is sad or troubled.  But her delicate and pleasant look isn't enough as the film falls once the accident occurs.  

Director R. J. Cutter attempts to tell the story with photo opportunities from present time and in the past and we feel maneuvered rather than begin entertained.  

Moretz's Mia walks in snow and around the hospital looking for hope for the other members of her family following a car accident  At the same time the images flash across the screen filling us in on her life after meeting Adam (Jamie Blackley) who she has fallen love with and who plays in a rock band which contrasts with her dedication to the cello and the classics.  

While every emotion is sucked out of the characters, this is a young women in love who might not awake from her accident only gramps played with feeling by Stacy Keach evokes the sad emotion of loss.  

Should We Stay will be what the audience will be thinking as the film drags on to an ending that just fails. 

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
If I Stay  C-      C-                  C+   C 

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