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Idle Hands

A violent bloody tongue in cheek film about the slaughter of  high school students at Halloween and a loose hand that may have some cult value, but the timing of this release could not be worst.

With an evil spirit traveling around south western states creating a demonic symbol as its pattern of murder and mayhem, Anton (Devon Sawa) wakes up one morning with the devil in his right hand.  He is a moronic twit who spends his time sleeping, eating junk food and smoking pot.  His good friends Punb (Elden Henson) and Mick (Seth Green) live in his wasted life.  Far from reality he is not able to notice the blood from his massacred parents on the living room floor, he only wakes to the fact that his hand is the murder when he kills his two best friends.

The aggressive nature of his possessed hand gets him a date with the girl next door, Molly (Jessica Alba).  She also eventually becomes a target of the hand.  Debi (Vivica A. Fox) is the demon chaser who comes to town to stop the killings.

The hand, which appears to be a retread of The Adams Family pet, is the only star in this dim witted production.  Sawa hams it up like Steve Martin in All of Me as the hand pushes and pulls him into action.  His love scene with Jessica Alba, successfully completed only after his hand is tied to the bed frame, is one of the few highlights of the film.

Even with cauldrons of blood, gross violence and a little sex, Idle Hands will put you to sleep.

It is rated R due to excessive violence and some sex.

Idle Hands


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