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The Hurricane The Hurricane

Based on the true story of boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter, who was wrongly charged with three murders in 1966.

Denzel Washington gives a powerful performance as the middleweight who was sentenced to three life terms.  While imprisoned, Carter wrote his story emphasizing his innocence and his plight was eventually taken up by some young activists who fought for his freedom.

Denzel prepared for this physical role by boxing every day for a year and losing weight in order to tone up his body.  The result is some very realistic fight scenes.

After spending nearly 20 years in prison, the real Rubin is currently on the lecture circuit and Denzel has developed a close relationship with him.  His deep respect for the man comes through in his portrayal of him.

A long movie at two hours and forty minutes, it never drags or loses interest in large part because of Denzel's riveting performance which is sure to be noted at Oscar time.

It's a difficult task to recreate a real character on film, but having the man you're playing standing in the wings reviewing your every move must be very demanding.  The fact that the two men remain friends says a lot for Washington's acting ability.

Hurricane's story is absorbing stuff and Denzel makes watching it a worthwhile experience.

The Hurricane

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