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Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit
Reese Witherspoon, and Sofia Vergara

Rated: PG-13 for sexual content, violence, language and some drug material.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: May 8, 2015 Released by: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Inc.

Some comedies are not funny, this is one of them.

Reese Witherspoon is Cooper who works in the evidence locker because she shot a student who yelled out "shotgun" as she approached a crowd stating she was a cop.  He wanted to sit in the shotgun position in the car and she was oblivious of what that meant.  So she shot him with a electric shock  and the booze in his hand burst into flames.  It was her bad day and no one in her station will let her forget it. 

But along comes an underworld figure who is willing to testify against other drug dealers who must be protected as he travels from Texas.  Cooper is chosen to help with the detail because Daniella (Sofia Vergara) is the wife who will also testify.  It doesn't matter that Daniella appears to be six feet tall in heals and Cooper is judged to be as small at four feet eleven. 

It appears to have a good base for some laughs.  But each situation appears contrived and the disconnect between scenes along with a large number of bad cops allow this script to fall flat on its face. 

Two jokes work, they both revolve around the reporting by news stations.  Cooper is stated to be five feet two initially and by the time the film ends she is reported to be four feet eleven.  Daniella age continues to rise from forty to fifty as the film continues.  Each women is more concerned with height or age than the killers following them as they attempt to get to a safe place. 

But the shoes, age and height because there is little else in this limited script. We have the feeling it was thrown together between TV seasons for Vergara, but why Witherspoon contracted to do this script is a question.

Vergara has some comic sense and ability, just by standing and showing her physical assets at the right time she gets laughs.  Witherspoon however just acts hyper, silly and out of control even when we learn she has significant knowledge and she is dedicated to her job. 

Both ladies deserve better material, this ride through the Texas desert is certainly not Thelma and Louise.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Hot Pursuit  C+      D   C-                  C- 

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