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The Horse Whisperer

Robert Redford has once again brought together his love of nature and of a good story.  With The Horse Whisperer, viewers will be delighted with the backdrop of the gorgeous Montana landscape, and with a first-class story of one man's ability to heal, not only a horse, but an entire family.

When tragedy strikes the MacLean family, Annie (Kristin Scott Thomas) realizes that her daughter's recovery may be linked to that of her treasured horse - Pilgrim.  A perfectionist in everything she does, the accomplished magazine editor researches horse healing as she would any editorial assignment.  Her efforts lead her to Tom Booker (Redford), a renowned horse "whisperer."

Of the art of "horse whispering," Redford says, "It is simply a way to be with horses that sends a message of understanding and compassion. Instead of beating a horse into submission, or using punishment as a tool, it's a way of developing trust and understanding."

British author Nicholas Evans who wrote the original novel set out to tell a story about a human who, like a troubled horse, "had become clouded and lost in the world, and how the love and care of another human being could bring that creature back from an abyss."  While the story begins with young Grace MacLean in the most evident need of healing, it evolves to reveal the whole family in need of renewal.

This is a beautiful film in every way.  While of particular interest to animal and nature lovers, it is a heroic story that will appeal to all.

The Horse Whisperer


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