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Hollow Man Hollow Man

Prepare to be repulsed, shocked and disapointed when you view Hollow Man.

While Hollow Man is a story of an invisible man, it is not an update to H.G Wells' novel or even a ghost by comparison to the 1933 Claude Rains bone chilling story of the same.

Kevin Bacon, Elizabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, William Devane and Kim Dickens, among others, make the cast of what, once again, proves that eye candy - a.k.a. special effects - do not and can not support a poor script and even worse on screen chemistry.

In most if not all science fiction plots, there is good versus evil.  For one to care which side wins, the writer must create characters you are interested in following as well as a stroy line that flows.
While evil is present, we see no hero emerging, we see a sexual affair with all the on screen chemistry of watching grass grow.  Bacon has a great voice to convey the evil intent, but is incapable of phisically delivering his point and truly portraying "evil".

In what begins with a startling series of special effects, Hollow Man rapidly loses focus and degrades into a bloodfest.  Prepare for volumes of blood and senceless violence.  Prepare for in your face sexual overtones.  Prepare to be disappointed in the lost opportunity to explore the world as an invisible person.

Like most failed Sci-Fi films, there was so much potential that was traded off for special effects, that Hollow Man is just that: Hollow.

Hollow Man

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