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High Fidelity High Fidelity

High Fidelity expects us to identify with or be empathetic with John Cusack's Rob Gordon, a dull as dry plaster record shop owner who has little interest in life except reliving his failed love life.

Director Stephen Frears who has had success with films as diverse as Dangerous Liaisons and The Snapper offers up a cadre of dull unpleasant characters who seldom make us laugh and mostly act like folks who we would cross the street to avoid.

Rob (Cusack), Barry (Jack Black lead singer for Tenacious D band) and Dick (Todd Louiso) hang together at a modestly successful old fashioned vinyl record store.  They bang out lists of top five, mostly the top five songs that remind Rob of his lost loves.

Rob's most promising love is Laura (Iben Hjejle-Mifune) who moves in and out of his self centered bland existence through out the film.  In between he takes up with or reflects on affairs with characters played by Lisa Bonet, Natasha Gregson Wagner, Lili Taylor and Joelle Carter.

Rob is boring but Jack Black's Barry is obnoxious as well as dull.  Only Todd Louiso's quiet nerd named Dick expresses emotions we can connect with.  He is rewarded when Anaugh (Sara Gilbert) stops in the shop for vintage recordings.  Joan Cusack plays Liz a go between friend of Laura and Rob.  Tim Robbins' Ian fills in as Laura's love interest between stints with Rob.

The music, which is extensive, may rescue some of the scenes but High Fidelity brings few highs and no fidelity.

High Fidelity

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