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Halloween: H2O

Jamie Lee Curtis is back after 20 years to battle Michael Myers.  This time she is older, stronger and more determined because she now has a son to protect.

Perfectly staged by director Steve Miner, Halloween: H2O is a heart pounding scream of a movie.  Michael's antics are always anticipated by the audience.  The screaming before each episode is just as intense as the reaction.  Rather than a let down, the anticipation furthers the tension and terror.

The formula is there but this sequel is enhanced by the knowledge of the original.  From the beginning, it is known that some bodies are going to be on the floor or hanging on the wall and Michael's shadow and pale white face will constantly and consistently pop up behind a character who is foolish enough to be alone in a dark room or corridor.

Curtis brings perfection to her character.  She is flawed by drinking, hallucination, and post traumatic syndrome.  Even her dreams are interesting and frightening.  She is no longer the cowering 17 year old who hid in the closet; she has turned into Ripley from Aliens, determined to fight and win this battle.

Janet Leigh (Curtis' mother), who drives a 1957 Ford to remind the audience of her role in Psycho, plays an office manager.

Expect screaming, squirming and cheers as an older, smarter and more determined Jamie Lee Curtis battles for a safe Halloween.

It is rated R for violence.

Halloween: H2O


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