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 Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Ryan Lee and Jillian Bell

Rated: PG for scary and intense creature action and images, and for some rude humor.
Reviewed by: Dave  
Release date: October 16, 2015 Released by: Sony Pictures

Wasn't expecting much from this film, yet I actually enjoyed it. Jack Black coming off a big year with the hugely successful HBO series The Brink, really shines in Goosebumps

Black is perfectly cast as author R.L. Stine adding just the right amount of quirkiness, and off-beat humor to his character.

It's timely Halloween release will have kids and their parents lining up to see it. As crazy as this movie is, it's logical and keeps one's attention. There's no doubt of a sequel. The Goosebumps book series has sold over 400 million copies worldwide. It may not be as huge as Harry Potter, but stands proudly on its own merits.

With a ready-made built in audience Goosebumps is a guaranteed success. It's a real treat with a few tricks thrown in for good measure.

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Nina Dayra Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Goosebumps  B      C   B-                  B- 

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