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Freddy Got Fingered

Freddy Got Fingered

Apparently, Tom Green was able to convince Fox that his MTV success is no fluke, so they green lighted his dubious Freddy Got Fingered which exceeds other misfortunes, in grossness and low- mindedness.

Those stalwart fans of The Tom Green Show will see his antics magnified on the big screen and the effect is one of zany debasement.  He was bearable in last year's Road Trip even when savoring a rodent in a dorm and telling Animal House like stories to bemused prospective college candidates and their parents.

Yet, in directing and as a co-writer, Green endows too much egoism in Freddy Got Fingered and Fox even issued a tape to members of the media about not lambasting it.  It's obvious that Green fingered Fox who though that Road Trip could generate more revenue complements of deadpan antics of an irascible scoundrel.

Green plays Gord Brody, a late bloomer for sure, who is a doodler who becomes a cheese sandwich factory laborer after leaving his parents' basement in Portland, Oregon.  But he returns to his obnoxious father Jim (Rip Torn) and loopy mother (Julie Hagerty of Airplane).

Some may get off on how Freddy moves an absurd plot along following in the mode of Say It Isn't So and Tomcats with new found meanness.  We get to see Gord placate a stud horse and later an elephant and swigging a newborn by its umbilical chord.  He fulfills the needs of Betty (Marisa Coughlin) by hitting her legs with a bamboo cane (she's paraplegic).

As in Lake Placid another wacky comedy with outrageous sight gags, much editing was involved with Freddy Got Fingered, a shocking, repulsive venture that has Tom going into territory that has endless mindless capabilities from dysfunctional society.  Sally Field tried it almost like a cruel, hellish mother but it would have been nice to see something of the less juvenile ilk and more like Torn's best comedic part in The Garry Shandling Show.  The father/son dynamic could have been milked with far less MTV formula, but Green says it isn't so while rudely broadening his erogenous zones into a full-length feature which may have one laugh in a delivery room.

But the title just goes to show how Freddy (Eddie Kaye Thomas) was forced out and underlines the anger and untruths that Green uses in directing with an unflinchingly dirty finger.

Freddy Got Fingered

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