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Fools Rush In Fools Rush In

Matthew Perry may be the draw, but Salma Hayek is the shining star in this hectic but magic love story.

Straight-laced Alex Whitman (Perry) is a driven corporate executive from New York who, while in Las Vegas, meets Isabel Fuentes (Hayek) a passionate Latin who believes in mysticism and destiny.  Their one night stand leaves her pregnant.  Three months later they meet again and are married in a Vegas wedding chapel witnessed by an Elvis impersonator.

How the two culturally different people resolve their lives and fold the diverse families together is the substance of the film.  As much as Perry is bland, Hayek is passionate, exciting, emotional, exotic and sensual even though she is pregnant.  She is vibrant and her performance carries the film.

The limited script is laced with a few comic ideas, mostly involving the very different parents of the young couple.  Perry's imitation of Ricky Ricardo and his hunting trip with his four brothers-in-law, which results in cactus spikes in his behind, are the few stabs at comedy.

The saving grace is found in the climax, which is about giant New York hot dog, a little girl named Isabel, encouragement from mothers, a special grandmother, the Grand Canyon, a former girl friend, being Catholic, the Hoover Dam, and coins thrown in Lake Meade.  How all that comes together may be magical enough to save the film.

Fools Rush In

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