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Everything, Everything

Everything, Everything
Amandia Stenberg, Nick Robinson, Anika Noni Rose, Ana de la Reguera and Francoise YIp

Rated: PG-13 for thematic elements and brief sensuality.
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: May 19, 2017 Released by: Warner Brothers

Amandia Stenberg plays Maddy a young woman who has spent her life in a safe lackluster existence caused by an immune disease which she contracted at a young age.  The film is safe, charming and even cute or perhaps bland as is her life but there is little excitement or energy in the screenplay by J. Mills Goodloe.  

Stenberg is sweet, cute and innocent and sexy at the same time.  She appears to be quite happy with her limited range until Olly (Nick Robinson) moves in next door, he upsets everything in her life and brings a challenge to her mother's control.  Anika Noni Rose plays mom a doctor who has given everything to the girl who is her only remaining family member following an accident which claimed her husband and son.  She obviously must be a successful doctor to afford full time help for her daughter and a completely sanitized home with an airlock to pass through to limit the outside elements which might cause harm to her child.  

Mother and daughter spend time together watching films like Moonstruck from which she steals the line "get over it" from the movie.  In fact when Olly rings the door bell offering a bunt cake as a welcoming gift from his parents from new neighbors, romantic music from Moonstruck fills the room and sends a message that a romance may grow between the two eighteen year olds.  Carla (Ana de la Reguera) who has been the nurse on duty for Maddy for fifteen years appears to be closer to the girl than the mother who spends all of her time working and protecting her child.  

Tex ting quickly follows the introduction through the bedroom windows which are just a few feet from each other.  At times it feels as though we are viewing an alternative Romeo and Juliet syndrome.  After all the two young folks are held apart by a parent.   When good nurse Carla helps Olly and Mandy get together she is replaced by a new older and less concerned women who Maddy refers to a Nurse Ratchet a-la One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest.

Maddy begins to reach for freedom and uses her skills to book a trip to Maui for the two, who are now obviously lovers.  The romance is pleasant to watch as are their antics in the Pacific Ocean on the far West Islands.   Their breakaway is of concern because if she becomes ill she may not have the resistance to fight the invading bacteria and may loose her life.  Even if that appears to be dramatic it does not translate as such on the screen. 

The two leads are attractive together and Stenberg carries the film well even when there is little story to tell.  Everything is clean and nice and comfortable but not exciting enough to be effective.  

  Frank Chris Jim Dave Gerry Matt Claudette Jennifer Audralee  Avg. 
Everything, Everything  C+      D+                     C 

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