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Disturbing Behavior

Adolescents have a difficult time everywhere, but in Cradel Bay the troubled teens break no rules.  There is no drunk driving, no drugs and no suicides.  All of this is bound to raise suspicion among normal teen Steve Clark (James Marsden).  The Blue Ribbons, the town's picture perfect teens are busy with bake sales, community service and earning high grades.  How could any society of human beings between 12 and 20 be so deviant?  They drive four-door Buicks while their average brothers drive enhanced muscle Mustangs, smoke, learn little in school and end up dead.

Dr. Caldicott (Bruce Greenwood), the school psychiatrist, is more demented than his Stepford Teen Frankensteins.  Director David Nutter uses techniques from A Clockwork Orange, Invasion From Mars, Student Bodies and a host of other B movies as the background and tapestry for this film which is clearly targeted to a teen audience that can't gain admittance to an R rated movie.

It all fits the bill perfectly for teens: the good guys are the rebels, the non-conformists, the ones who wear rings in their noses and worry their parents. The evil resides in the well manicured, clean, conservatively dressed, successful robots.

It is rated R for language and limited nudity.

Disturbing Behavior


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