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Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

As the opening credits role we hear the voice of Jerry Mather's Beaver from the long running forty year old sit-com "Leave It To Beaver."  The script then introduces "Dickie Roberts" at 35, who just won't give up on a career that folded when "Dickie Roberts" was canceled thirty years ago.

Rob Reiner, a producer, tells Dickie he can't get a job because he is not normal, he never had a childhood.  So Roberts decides to hire a standard family, mom, dad and two kids to be his family so he can learn what growing up (normal) is like.

The script written by Spade, and Fred Wolf interweaves Spade's sarcastic comedy with a warm center built around the importance of family and caring for others.  Spade described it, as piece of candy with a soft center when I spoke with him about the film.

Numerous cameos are played by famous child stars which add a realistic nostalgia to the production and a sense that they have survived the end of their public careers.

Stranger Danger, as the two kids call Roberts, protects the mother (Mary McCormack) from a nasty neighbor who is critical and obnoxious in her treatment of Dickie's family in many ways.  He destroys her with words when she complains that he is too big to be pushed around in a carriage.  By accident the kids and Dickie deliver the final straw to the cranky lady through her white rabbit saving the family from her wrath.

Dickie Roberts brings us an integrated well defined script, a warm core along with many giggles and grins which will tickle everyone's funny bone no matter what age.

Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star

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