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Dawn of the Dead
Dawn of the Dead
Starring Ving Rhames, Sarah Polley, Mekhi Phifer,
Michael Barry, Lindy Booth, Ty Burrell

I went into this movie with high hopes for a good remake of George Romero’s original, I wasn’t disappointed, even though I thought some of the movie lacked explanation. In particular how the virus got started and wether Hell is so full, as the advertising states, the dead must walk the Earth looking for more victims.

In the beginning the story moves too fast, the virus is widespread within the first five minutes of the beginning of the movie. Ana (Sarah Polley) suddenly knows her daughter and husband are infected and she just as quickly finds the mall and the other characters who are part of the siege from the zombies. Ving Rhames is Kenneth the tough decent cop, Jake Weber is Michael the decent guy who works on logic, Mikhi Phifer and Inna Korobkina are Andre and Luda a young couple expecting a baby. Michael Kelly is the silly hard nosed security guard who want’s to be in control.

It seems director Zack Snyder was searching for filler material in the middle it would have been interesting if he had added characters from a biker gang or some other off-beat additions. It is interesting to see three actors from the original film; Ken Foree, Scott H. Reiniger and Tom Savini.

I found the ending unimpressive it could have been more creative.

Dawn of the Dead

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