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Kevin Kline, Frank Langella and Segourney Weaver

Rated: PG-13  
Reviewed by: Frank  
Release date: May 7, 1993 Released by: Warner Brothers

Frank Capra would have been pleased with this one. What would you do if you suddenly became President of the United States and you had no obligations to anyone? Only Gerry Ford in modern times entered the presidency without playing the role of raising money and incurring debts to contributors. Ford failed to grab the opportunity but Dave, a look alike for the President, shakes the establishment from the top.

A creditable political comedy because Kevin Kline plays both parts. Dave is hired to take a short walk for the President so the President can have a private evening with a member of his staff. When the President is hit by a stoke, the ambitious Chief of Staff (Frank Langella) cooks a plot to keep Dave in the White House until Langella can be named his successor. The cynicism surrounding politics becomes ripe comedy in Kline's hands as he becomes increasingly entrenched in power. When he begins to move as a leader, the establishment panics, but he is the man.

Director Ivan Reitman plays it for all it is worth. Even the relationship with the First Lady Sigourney Weaver brings interesting comedy to the script.

Stand up and cheer for Dave - if you can stop laughing.

  Frank Chris Jim Nina Sam Howard Jennifer Kathleen  Avg. 
Dave  A                        A 

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