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Bubble Boy Bubble Boy

I never thought I would see a movie more crude than Freddie Got Fingered; I was wrong!

Bubble Boy is an insensitive film about a boy with no immune system.  Forced to live in a protective environment with a mean and bigoted mother, Bubble Boy knows nothing of the outside world until he “escapes”.

Rather than showing the wonder and beauty of the world, director Blair Hayes subjects us to cameos by Fabio and Verne Troyer (Mini-Me of Austin Powers) that are just not funny.  How many times can you see a boy in a bubble bounce when he is struck by a bus, fall from a plane or be thrown from a motorcycle and still find it funny?  For me once was too many.

Staring Jake Gyllenhall (previously in October Sky) as Jimmy and Swoosie Kurtz as his misguided Christian mother with a passion for cross shaped cookies and bigotry.  Imagine Carrot Top the comedian crossed with Archie Bunker and you'd have Kurtz in this role.

The story is a love story where Jimmy tries to save his neighbor (Mary Shelton recently in Pleasantville) from marrying the wrong man.  During his travel, he is subject to ridicule and abuse.  While on his adventure he exposes us to others with disabilities that are used as a side show for a circus - how crude can you get!

There really is no story here, just an obnoxious character in an equally obnoxious script directed by a director of TV commercials.  While the potential for a touching movie was there, only cheap shots at humor were taken and humiliation appeared to be the goal.  How can a disease where most of the affected die at a very young age even seem like a humorous situation?

In short, someone should burst the bubble of director Hayes and demand an explanation of this cruelty.

Bubble Boy

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