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The Bone Collector

In Jeffrey Deaver's best selling novel, lead character Lincoln Rhymes (Denzel Washington) is a retired forensic detective who was left a quadriplegic after an on-duty accident.

As he lays in his bed unable to move except for his head and one finger, Lincoln makes preparations for his suicide.  That is, until his interest is piqued by a series of grisly murders in the bowels of New York City.

Lincoln's prepared to do the research and reasoning, but he wants policewoman Amelia Donaghy (Angelina Jolie - HBO's Gia) to be his eyes, ears and legs.  She gathers the clues left by the killer while Lincoln walks her through the scene via radio, and then he processes the data by using one finger to run his computer.

The police department sets up a mini lab in Lincoln's apartment as each crime scene is dissected and studied.

Some gruesome murders are depicted and the dark cave like basements and underground settings where they take place, heightens the scare factor immensely.  Thank goodness the story goes back and forth from grotesque bodies to the hubbub of forensic activity where each minute piece of paper has tremendous meaning.

Jolie as the hardened cop is effective as Lincoln's reluctant partner and Washington brings dignity and believability to his complex character.  Reading the book over a year ago, he was not a likely choice for Rhymes, but Washington made a believer out of me.

There's nice chemistry between the leads and the story is as suspenseful and interesting as it was on the page.

It is rated R for brutal murders.

The Bone Collector

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