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Blues Brothers 2000

This sequel picks up 18 years later with Dan Aykroyd reprising his role as Elwood Blues and John Goodman taking on the role of the late John Belushi.  Joe Morton and 12-year-old J. Evan Bonifant are also new to the cast.

The rousing R&B music more than makes up for the flimsy script that has the cops chasing the brothers around, resulting in an array of car crashes.

Aretha Franklin and James Brown return to add their voices to those of B.B. King, Isaac Hayes, Travis Tritt and Lou Rawls, to name a few.

There's been many years between movies, but Aykroyd has kept his Elwood character alive by continuing to play him on Saturday Night Live, football halftimes, and at his House of Blues Restaurants across the country.

Filmed last summer in Toronto, the musical stars come together for one big jam fest.  With the Blues Brothers singing and dancing across the stage, backed up by a multitude of talented singers, one could hardly ask for more entertainment.

Blues Brothers 2000

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