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Pumped up and buff, Wesley Snipes plays the title character, which is based on a Marvel Comics superhero.

Dressed in a long black leather coat, dark glasses and wielding a huge sword, Blade, who is half human and half vampire, is dedicated to destroying all full-fledged vampires.

With the help of his grizzled companion (Kris Kristofferson), Blade has a full-time job eradicating the world of these nasty characters as they seem to be everywhere.

Stephen Dorff plays Blade's nemesis - the self-appointed leader of the undead. He's a cocky upstart who assumes power from the older vampires who are content with staying low-key and secretive about their lifestyle.

Dorffs character is in-your-face creepy and with the aid of sun block, he's able to also perform his dirty deeds in the daylight.

Just when I was convinced that films had reached their pinnacle in terms of blood and gore, up pops Blade to prove me wrong.  With a film about vampires, of course you have to expect some violence, but I lost count of the bodies that are bumt, arms that are severed and heads that explode.  Not to mention an opening scene that has blood pouring from sprinklers in the ceiling onto frenzied dancers below.

Snipes shows off a lot of kick boxing gymnastics and elaborate stunt work that is really exciting.  The fight scenes and dark atmospheric settings are terrific, but the violence was a real turn off.

It is rated R for graphic violence.



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