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The Best Man

Harper Stewart (Tyne Diggs - How Stella Got her Grove Back) goes back home to be best man at his friend's wedding.  His autobiographical novel is about to be released and unfortunately his old chums get hold of a preview copy.

Each friend has taken a peek at the thinly veiled revelations and a couple of explosive secrets are about to blow up in Harper's face during the festive weekend.

A large ensemble cast has two stand out actors.  Nia Long plays an ambitious TV producer that has a near-miss relationship with Harper in the past and Terrance Howard as the would be groom.

From the trailers, I was expecting a light-hearted romantic comedy.  There was some romance and a couple of humorous scenes, but the film has a decided hard edge to it.  Especially a pre-wedding poker game where the men use explicit and nasty language to describe women.

Director Malcolm D. Lee has a notable debut, but there are some flaws here.  It's a bit long and the female characters are either driven no-time-for-men types, demanding nags or else they're eager to marry the first available man.

It is rated R for violence and explicit language.

The Best Man

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