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Best in Show Best in Show

You can count on Christopher Guest to keep the laughs coming in this clever mockumentary which will have those who love the Westminster Dog Show responding quite the same as those thespians who embraced the director's Waiting For Guffman in 1996.  Both films boast strong writing and improvisation.  This is another film from the studio which had a family treat in My Dog SkipBest In Show finds warmth and hostility in the uproarious shenanigans of the handlers of man's best friend in this well cast comedic romp.

Much of the cast of Guffman is back on board, the extensive troupe is introduced in interviews on their way to Philadelphia's Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.  First, from Illinois, close yuppies Meg Swam (Parker Posey) and hubby Hamilton (Michael Hitchcock) see a physician about their Weimaraner Beatrice who may be confused upon seeing their marital activities.

Second City Television vets Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara head north from Florida as peppy, desperate Terrier wrangler types with their prized Winky.

This Is Spinal Tap star Michael McKean is Stefan, one half of a gay New York City couple with Scott (John Michael Higgins) who strut into their hotel with twin Shih-Tzus.

Guest fills the documentary written by Levy and himself with the character oddities that have made other works by the director, such as Spinal Tap, sparkle with genuine wit.  The use of Fred Williard's sportscaster adds to the proceedings in his commentary of one liners for the TV broadcast.

While there is plenty of wacky bickering that develops from the interview sessions, Best In Show mocks its quirky moments well though improv and the use of Super 16 camera work to find much humor underneath those who put time and money into their four legged extended family members.

Best in Show

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