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The Beach The Beach

We've all been to a movie where we had to try to figure out a mystery, a love story and so many other "things" we love to be teased by.  The Beach on the other hand is a movie that is trying to figure out what it is about.

The teasers lead us to believe we are going to see a cross between Lord of the Flies and a love story...don't buy the hype.  Leonardo DiCaprio, in his first role since Titanic, leads us down a very odd journey that involves love, lust, murder, lies, drug smugglers, and a band of runaways.  The problem is that for all of the great potential, none of the many plots are explored to potential or even completion.

The cast of DiCaprio, Robert Carlyle, Tilda Swinton, Virginie Ledoyen and Guillaume Canet create a very likable group.  The search for a totally "different" vacation is an intriguing idea and at the beginning is a wonderful tour of the Asian basin.  It is here that DiCaprio "discovers" a map to a hidden beach.  It is also here that the story begins to drift.

The beach is discovered, the love interests are introduced, the drug smugglers are found, everyone gets stoned, plays games and eats.  Great life so far?  The dark elements are also introduced: the dictator like leadership, the suffering, the death and an odd departure for DiCaprio's character.  This turn to the dark side for DiCaprio is probably the most confusing in the film.

The cinematography is another story all together.  The scenes are breath taking.  The lush rain forest, white sand, clear blue water all rush from the screen and cry out to be touched.

The Beach tries to be too much: a love story, an adventure story and a statement of just how primal man can become.  It is just a shame it misses on all counts.

The Beach


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