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American Pie

Something About Mary has sprung many offspring, American Pie is the black sheep in the family.

With little character development the story brings the sexual needs of four virgin high school boys to a climax at the senior prom.  The characters are bland and without form; each wants sex - that's the plot.  There are no cute little dogs or off beat characters, nothing to create interesting  circumstances.  The plot is the joke.  Premature ejaculation, beer with sperm in it, laxatives, filming the sexual exploits of a high school senior girl on the world wide web without her knowledge and a mother having sex with a student who may be eighteen.  There's enough here to keep the courts busy for years if it were true.

Giving credit where it is due, there are ludicrous situations and we find ourselves laughing again at what is not funny.  We enjoy the embarrassment the characters are put through and the insults they and the young women they pursue face.

The recipe for American Pie is filled with spoiled apples.

American Pie


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