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28 Days 28 Days

Sandra Bullock plays a 30 year old writer with an alcohol problem.

After a night of drinking and partying with her like minded boyfriend (Dominic West), she stumbles into her sister's (Elizabeth Perkins) wedding with a hangover.  Continuing to drink during the reception, she falls into the wedding cake and smashes a limo into a house, which gets her a 28 day sentence in rehab.

Bullock tones down her excessive cuteness, and plays a character with more substance than usual.  Her stint at the rehabilitation center begins with an unwillingness to participate and contempt for her situation.  Like most people who are dependent she thinks she can stop her destructive behavior whenever she wants.

The script isn't all heavy, it's sprinkled with some funny moments as well.  The cast is a motley crew of misfits.  Her therapy group is made up of an irate doctor, a gay man who has trouble expressing himself, a teenage girl who relates better to a soap opera plot than real life and a star baseball pitcher who's been forced off the mound because of drug use.

Steve Buscemi plays a counselor who had once been an addict himself.  Having been through the same painful ups and downs (his face is etched with lines from a rough past), he takes no guff from the group.

It's a change of pace for Bullock and although your stay won't be for 28 Days it's worth your time.

28 Days

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